What does GSM mean?

The standard measurement for weight and quality of fabrics is grams per square meter, usually abbreviated as GSM. This is the accepted standard in the United States as well as in foreign countries. Towels and bath robes typically vary from 300 to 800 GSM; other fabrics may have values as low as 100 GSM. The same units are used for toilet paper and other tissues (18 to 22 GSM is typical), paper towels (35 to 50 GSM is typical) and inkjet photographic papers/materials (100 to 350 GSM is typical).

What is ganging?

"Ganging" of files or tangible images involves putting them on one canvas, board, etc. to make one image for copying, scanning, etc.

What does ppi and dpi mean?

PPI: Pixels per Inch. PPI describes the number of pixels per inch in a photo. PPI is a function of the number of pixels the camera‚Äôs sensor supports (also known as megapixels) and the size of the photo.

DPI: Dots per Inch. DPI is really a physical characteristic of a printer. Every printer prints dots that when put next to each other comprise a photo. Each dot has a physical size. DPI is also known as the maximum resolution that a printer is capable of. DPI is defined as the number of dots a printer can print per inch. When printing it is important to make sure that the DPI is higher or equal to the PPI. If the DPI is lower than the PPI, the printer will not be able to fully display the high resolution of the photo. When printing a photo that has a lower PPI than DPI the printer will use multiple dots to represent one pixel. As opposed to PPI, DPI is not relative to the page size. DPI is a fixed number for a given printer.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It's used for uploading/downloading system files between a computer and server or between two computers using FTP software. A webhosting company provides the FTP information like ftp address, username, and password. You can then use free FTP client software such as Filezilla (PC) or Cyberduck (Mac)  to upload/download files.

What does digitize mean?

"Digitize" or "digitizing" is jargon for converting film or reflective media to pixels for use with a computer. ie; digital printing output , web usage, email photos, etc.