Image Control Company was founded in 2007 by Master Printer Anthony Hartis. Anthony received his formal education from Randolph Technical College, one of the foremost leading Photography/Photofinishing colleges on the East coast. He eventually worked at several conventional photofinishing labs throughout the Charlotte area over a twenty year career. Most notably was the direction he received from Master Photographer Charles Johnson at Image Plus, Inc., and later, Charles Johnson Custom Color, Inc. These labs maintained very high standards and were frequented by many discerning professionals. This professional environment, combined with leadership, discipline, and attention to detail, has shaped Anthony's craft of continuing the fine art of custom printing.

Having the experience of traditional Photofinishing has also provided many useful attributes for the dawn of digital. Many terms and processes are derived from conventional photofinishing, which many less experienced printers may not understand. Image Control combines this experience, the quality of digital output, and museum grade art papers to yield the finest prints and digital services available.