FILE DELIVERY                                  

If you have large files, large quantities of files, or will be uploading files on a regular basis, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is available through We Transfer, DropBox, or any FTP site that is user friendly. We Transfer is very popular and user friendly.

Other means of file delivery include digital media cards, flash drives, cd, and dvd. These can either be delivered in person or mailed to:

Image Control Company                                                                                 320 Lincoln Street                                                                                                 Charlotte, NC 28203

Email files are also accepted, but not preferred. Please keep file JPEG format under 10 MB at 300dpi with a compression of no less than 10...preferably 12; or send the JPEG file exactly as it came from your camera - FULL RESOLUTION. You can also send individual files in multiple emails to assure each file goes through properly. Please use address below: