Services: Custom color and b/w prints can be made from your digital image files from digital media cards, flash drives, email files, cd files, dvd files, video files, and FTP files. Digital capture services are also available for digitizing your original for print. Each file is cropped to your specifications, color corrected, dodged and burned as in traditional custom printing. Additional corrections, including sensor dust spots are $60 per hour, with minimum of $15.  Please ask for an estimate.

Digital Files: RAW, DNG, PSD, TIFF, JPEG, JPG, AVI, PDF, and EPS are accepted files. PDF and EPS files must be sized to output. If complex file, please include PSD layers for additional manipulation if required. Save JPEG files at compression 10-12. We prefer to sharpen for final output. Please inform us if sharpening has been applied. Recommended minimum resolution should be 200ppi. 300ppi is optimum.

Output: Prints are produced by means of large format inkjet printer. Only OEM inks and papers are used for a true photographic printing process. If desired, one proof is included. Each additional proof is $10.

Paper Surface: Lustre finish is standard. This finish resembles KodakĀ® conventional "E" surface, rc lustre paper. This paper yields rich prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photographic reproductions. Glossy available, but limited. Contact for more info.

Normal Service: 3 days - Color and B/W same price.

Cut Sheet




 5x7 $12.00 $6.00 $4.50
 8x10 $16.00 $8.00 $6.00
 8.5x11 $20.00 $10.00 $7.50
 11x14 $27.00 $13.50 $10.00
 12x16 $32.00 $16.00 $12.00
 $45.00 $22.50 $17.00
 $54.00 $27.00 $20.25
 18x24 $60.00 $30.00 $22.50
 20x24 $67.00 $33.50 $25.00
 20x30 $84.00 $42.00 $31.50
 24x30  $101.00 $50.50 $38.00
 24x36 $121.00 $60.50 $45.50
 30x40 $150.00 $75.00 $56.00
 40x60 $325.00 165.00 $125.00

Larger prints priced at $.15 per square inch.

Please see "File Prep/Proofing/MP" in Navigation Bar for proofing services.