"Anthony was a HUGE help when I wanted photos printed from our trip to South Africa.  He did a great job suggesting papers, color tone, size, etc.  He was so easy to work with – a pleasure!"  Thanks Anthony!"                                                    

Cindy Williams                                                                                                       Corporate Director of Activities                                                                             East West Partners Club Management

"Having dealt with Anthony for over 20 years, I am certain that the                      "Having dealt with Anthony for over 20 years, I am certain that the only printer  better...has retired! I always know I can depend on him to  make my images look great."

Jim Stroud

Stroud Photographics

Wilmington, North Carolinaars, I am certain that the only printer"Having dealt with Anthony for over 20 years, I am certain that the onl 

"I’ve had Anthony print a few of my large scale fine art pieces as well as a large promo print for a baby fair that I did and everything turned out perfect. I can’t say that often about companies but with ICC I can. Anthony is very detail oriented and it shows. That attention to detail makes me totally confidant that whatever work he does for me will look great. I’ve known him for many years and on top of providing quality service he is a good person and therefore easy to work with and that can be hard to come by these days." Brinkley                                                                                                               Kelli Brinkley                                                                                                          Kelli Brinkley Photography

www.kellibrinkley.comervices is exceptional! Last year I went on a two weekMy experience using ICC services is exceptional! Last year I went on a two

"My experience using ICC services is exceptional! Last year I went on a two week safari in Tanzania, Africa. It was a trip of a lifetime; by far one of the best things I've ever done in my life! As expected, I took hundreds upon hundreds of photos. Due to the fact that I am not a photographer and because I used a point and shoot camera on safari, I was very worried I didn't get many high quality photos. My aunt, who is a professional photographer, recommended that I take my images to Anthony Hartis at ICC. Anthony was amazingly helpful, knowledgeable, professional, patient, and creative in helping to make my photos the best they could be! He was able to comb through all my photos, find my best shots, and make these shots look as if I am a professional photographer! He helped me decide which ones would be best to enlarge, print and frame. The final product was a small collection of beautifully printed photos that look amazing hanging on my walls, as well as a very large collection of photos saved to my hardrive to be used for albums and future prints. Guests are always commenting on how beautiful our photos are and they honestly can't believe I was the one who took them! I look forward to working with Anthony again for my future photography projects!"

Arden Wilkinson

Arden Wilkinson